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Cheater, cheater...
Morrigan's Cheats!

First off, the saying "Cheaters never prosper" is such a lie!
Marvel vs. Capcom (DC version)

Fight as Lilith:
Highlight Zangief. Then press Left*2*, Down*2*, Right*2*, Up*2*, Down*4*, Left*2*, Up*4*, Right, Left, Down*4*, Right*2*, Up*4*, Left*2*, Down*4*, Right, Down. Lilith appears under War Machine.

Fight as Roll:
Highlight Zangief. Then press Left*2*, Down*2*, Right*2*, Down*2*, Left*2*, Up, Right, Up*2*, Right*2*. Roll appears to the right of Megaman (Rockman).

Fight as Shadow Lady(Super Chun-Li):
Highlight Morrigan. Then press Up, Right*2*, Down*4*, Left*2*, Up*4*, Right*2*, Left*2*, Down*2*, Right*2*, Left*2*,Up*2*, Right*2*,Up*2*, Left*2*, Down*5*. Shadow Lady appears below Gambit.

Fight as Carnage:
Highlight Chun-Li. Then press Right, Down*4*, Left, Up*4*, Right*2*, Down*2*, Left*2*, Down*2*, Right*2*, Up*4*,Left*2*, Up. Carnage appears above Chun-Li.

Fight as Orange Hulk:
Highlight Chun-li. Then press Right*2*, Down*2*, Left*2*, Right*2*, Down*2*, Left*2*, Up*4*, Down*2*, Right*2*, Up*2*, Down*4*, Up*4*, Left, Up. Orange Hulk appears above Ryu.

Fight as Gold War Machine (Super War Machine):
Highlight Zangief. Then press Left*2*, Down*2*, Right*2*, Down*2*, Left*2*, Up*4*, Right*2*, Left*2*, Down*4*, Right*2*, Up*2*, Left*2* Down*2*, Right*2*, Up*5*. Gold/Super War Machine appears above Zangief.

Fight as Onslaught:
Highlight Zangief. Hold START and sweep the D-pad COUNTERCLOCKWISE 20 times. If done correctly, Zangief will be highlighted again at the end of the sweep. Press HP+HK at the same time and Onslaught should be on the left side of the screen. Keep START held until the battle begins. Unlock all the hidden characters quick selects. "Onslaught" option will now appear in the game menu.