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Oh wow, No no! Really! I'm UPDATING I know I've been promising one and it SEEMS like I havent been doing anything but I HAVE! HONEST! I finally have time now and I'm even gonna make this site better than it was! Stick it out a little longer and you'll see! Oh yeah, if you'd like click Here to check out SighInEyed! My new art site! Thanks for waiting!
~Kaggie(July 18 2k1)

Run, Kitty! Ruuun!

I hope you enjoy what I have up(trust me...I'll have more pics up in a while ^_^) If you have any comments, tips, useless info or whatever click on the e-mail button and type away! Tankies!
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CALLING ALL ARTISTS! Hey you guys! I'd love to put up some original or fan art from ya! I hope to be getting stuff in really soon... Just send me the picture as an attachment and a subject title of "Art for KAG" or something like that. I'll be updating the Noit Nit Gallery (that's the link with the bunnies on it...) pretty soon if you guys send some stuff in! Also we have a new artisit in the gallery: Deedlit! Check her stuff out! There'll be a few more from her in soon!


Well it seems as though I wanted to make my site easier to navigate so the Links and Galleries have moved! Don't worry though! You just have to click here!
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Attention Getters are these totally cute/weird/well..theres a lot to em... stories about a group of people. It stars a very loveable cast and please please please let me know if ya wanna read em! They come in what appears to be a "chat room" format but easy to understand. Well...anyways....Who gets stuck in Jell-o best???

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Special thanks to the cool guy, Aldo, from Psycha!
~:~My little closing~:~
Well it seems like I really like this place and love you guys for chillin at my spiffical hangout! I really hope we get twice as many people as we did this year next year! Tell your friends..blah blah blah! Um...Happy Holidays and all that good stuff... Lessee... thanks for coming and please do come back! I really love my supporters! Also I'd love to hear from you! New stuff is gonna be on its way so...come back now y'hear?!
The Cute Anime Chick

Some Credits....

I barely own anything on this site. I owe credit to a bunch of big companies like Gainax, Kodansha, Poineer, SEGA (yeah...they own some of the Eva stuff) and a lot of others! Everything belongs to their copyright holders... In the Noit Nit gallery the stuff belongs to me & MeL (And Deedlit) so nyah, everything (well almost) is fake 'cept Moonbunny who keeps hopping around my room at night jamming out to punk music, lets all thank Japan for being so good at their cute cute anime! aaaand last but not least: Tripod for this peachy site of course!

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