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Nerv wants YOU! School sux.... All the aspects of me! Asuka the Great! and my famous yellow dress... To you with love...Kaji! teehee! Aww! Who is that adorable little girl?
Oh yeah! It's me! Another beautiful collage of moi! If Shinji does it, it'll F-A-I-L... I love this dress... I'm going to HQ Wonderful background thanks to Eva Haven! Nose! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! Pretty by the beach CHIBI! CUTE! Taaa! My cover to the US Series I'm not crying! I said I'd never cry again! EEE! This is me in my glory! Here I come! Watch out! I'm so cute, right?
Of course! Grr! Just me resting my head Nice to meet you! Just talking on the phone My pink dress... Punkie Flashback... Repeat: AH! Bathtime is fun! Work work work... Look at me! Thinking about... Evil plans... Merry Christmas! POINT! Asuka! Yeah!

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