The Slayers' Dining Hall
~The SLAYERS Dining Hall!~
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**Hello and welcome. Please take a seat anywhere you'd like. We'd like to apologize for the noise caused by the firey red-head and her group over there in the corner.... **whisper whisper,That's Lina Inverse, the Bandit Killer...** She is traveling with the master swordsman Gourry Gabriev, Princess Amelia, Zelgadis Graywords, Xellos, and Martina **whisper whisper, She's a nut...She's worshipping this strange make-believe god...just don't buy into it,okay?** Well, anyway, whatever you want is on the menu below! Just click and enjoy!
LINA:Hey! Gourry that's MINE!
GOURRY: But you took it from ME!
LINA:Gourry! Just give it here!
**Oh boy....
Oh! What are we having?Does a cute person like ME look like an evil Bandit Killer?I think I'm ten times cuter than Lina is! Don't you agree?Personally, I think Gourry is a Sailormoon fan...I'd be making that face too if Amelia was so close to me...MOOOO!I wonder what they are staring at like that...Ya know what... Lina & Amelia look awfully happy to see Gourry marry a guy...Do you think Gourry here is upset because of the last picture?Maybe this is a bad reference to how Gourry feels about his marriage....^_^;With this...none will recognize me!HAH HA!WOW! I look SO pretty! Pretty pretty pretty...Mr. Zelgadis Bunny!Abracadabra.... Hmmmm... I don't care what anybody says....she's a weirdo. Don't you agree that Lina looks TOO happy to blow something up? Poor Lina...Such big competition... Lina is SO cool as the Mother of All Darkness (Why is she so bright?)...Lord of Nightmares! (Lords are GUYS right?)... Lina and Gourry are laughing at poor Zel-Zel ^_~; So I see... FOOD! Now that's a secret!
I hate secrets.... We need to see some ID please... Hey now...we're allstars... I hate her SO much....just like Rei Ayanami....
Grrrrrr.... Rezo WAS pretty cool...until Lina blew him into the next lifespace! (What's lifespace???)(Stop asking stupid questions...)(Ok...meanie) Amelia: served!
Zel: Oh brother... Gourry's milk?? I mean he IS a COW up there... WHAAAT?!?! Cute, little, and all attitude! Ba-BoOoOoM OoOo...Pointy...

You runnin away from Lina too?
Finished with dinner?
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