Melancholy the Bunny drawn by KAG!NoitNit GalleryTips and Moonrabbit drawn by KAG too!
Bleep Blip Boingee: NoitNit Gallery
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Welcome to the Land of the Noits.The happy go lucky place which is being attacked by the Nits.Confused yet?Well... actually this place has nothing to do with the Nits or the Noits...I made this gallery to promote myself and my artwork along with anyone else who wants to contribute to it.Currently there are 2 artists working on this page.Myself and my friend MeLaNcHoLy.We hope you enjoy yourselves.Please comment on our work...we love to get feedback!Thanks!
Lainey's Stuff
Flower Girl in pencil Flower Girl in Watercolor Fairy in watercolor on pencil Artemis in watercolor on pencil Big Blue Dragon! Colored badly in marker and pen... Black and White Dragon. 
A classic doodle! Note the lines on the paper!
:) Cheri & Jigglypuff in B&W (pencil...duh.)... And this one in color! (Colored on Adobe Photo Deluxe) Devil Angel Tenshi in pencil. Very Pretty! Flower Card - CardCaptor Sakura
MeLaNcHoLy's StuffTell me about my work!
Tiny The Staring Contest Wind Dude SMILE! Sitting Kawaii! Mark from CreeD Grrr... Bald Beanie Kneel People Poem Point Rock on! shoes
Deedlit's Stuff