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Hallo! Nah? How do like my gallery for Nerv? Here you can come with me to look at the Third Child, Wonder Girl, me (of course), Kaji, Misato, and all of the other people! If Pen-Pen is running around here, I apologize. Well, don't be slow! Comon! There are great pictures to look at!
I don't really wanna know how Shinji got all bloody... I figured I could at least have ONE picture of her in here...Even if I hate her. The whole series is depressing so why is he smiling in the beginning? Huh? Nerv wants YOU! The glorious pilot, Asuka, and her companions..whoever they are... School sux.... All the aspects of me! Asuka the Great! Ah...me and my famous yellow dress... Shinji is hogging up the center! Let me be in the middle! To you with love...Kaji! teehee! Don't bother me! I'm busy eating! EVA-01 looks so creepy!! Looky looky! Here's a great shot of me upstaging EVA-01 & Shinji!! I'm only touching her because I'm about to throw her arm offa me. Here's another smiley picture of Shinji...isn't it so adorable? This WOULD be a GREAT background if I was in the center and Rei was dropped outta the picture Aww! Who is that adorable little girl?
Oh yeah! It's me! Ah! I'm seeing double! My CO... She needs a man....just look at her face! Yeah....I'd like to give her one good push....grrr... Wow...Computers make everything look good... Another beautiful collage of moi! Another collage of someone less beautiful... Momma! Momma! I'm a big tough guy. I'll handle it! If Shinji does it, it'll F-A-I-L... The only good thing in this picture is the bunny on the fan. Too much Rei! Evaaaa... Spooky, creepy Eva 1! Worry and apologize...that's all he does... Think, think, think... She's from the Eva Game! Another picture of Ms. Kirishima... Here's some adoring fans capturing me on film and cheering me on!
What's up with that face, TOJI?! I love this dress... I'm going to HQ Wonderful background thanks to Eva Haven!
Pen-Pen!Well, thanks for coming to look at what I have so far! I wanted to thank the Cute Cute Pet Shop for Pen-Pen. If you wanna adopt your own anime pet (and why wouldn't you?) you can do so at the Cute Cute Pet Shop! It has a HUGE (I'm mean really...there are so many there...) selection of pets! Just Click on the button over there! Also, I wanna thank My Comet Cursor for the freaky version of me... right. Well... Danke!
~Asuka Langley Soryu
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